Freo fans!

Did you know our club takes sponsorship money from one of the primary contractors in the refugee detention industry?

Decmil is a construction company that so far has won Commonwealth contracts worth at least $446m for undertaking works for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea According to the government's own National Commission of Audit, each asylum seeker held in offshore detention is estimated to cost the Australian taxpayer at least $450,000 per annum

Australia's offshore detention facilities are inhumane and contravene international law

The immigration facilities on Manus Island have been attested to cause permanent mental and physical harm to the asylum seekers who are kept in them by force, contrary to international law, and without charge or trial.

Manus asylum-seeker, Hamid Kehazaei, died in August 2014, from a preventable foot infection

In March 2015, the report of the United Nations Special Rapporteur Juan Méndez on torture stated that Australia

'failed ... to comply with its obligation, under international customary law, to investigate, prosecute and punish all acts of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment'

In his report Méndez made explicit reference to the facilities on Manus Island.

Australia's mandatory detention system causes permanent harm to people who have committed no crime, and subjects them to indefinite incarceration and uncertainty.

Why does Decmil sponsor the Dockers?

When a company links its brand with a popular community organisation or sports team, it benefits both from positive associations and by opening up new avenues to develop its business.

Decmil have chosen to sponsor our club as a way of painting themselves as ‘good corporate citizen’. That’s why they are our Coach’s Sponsor and continue to fund the Live the Dream program

Since they became major detention contractors, Decmil have tendered for and won diverse government contracts at state and federal level. Decmil's chairman Bill Healy stated in the club's August 2015 Annual Report that 'The business has established itself in the public infrastructure sector'

Decmil use their ties with the Dockers to develop their business and their presence in other sectors. When Decmil and Programmed bid together for a contract to build and maintain WA schools, the media said

'They are both sponsors of the Fremantle Dockers and therefore "culturally aligned"'

We call on the Fremantle Football Club to reject further sponsorship from Decmil Group, a company that holds some of the largest contracts associated with the Australian mandatory detention system.

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